NFS: Network file system: /etc/exports


no_root_squash: Allows root account on client to access export share on server as the root account.

all_squash: Forces all connecting users to “nobody” account and permissions.

Anonuid: Forces all anonymous connections to predefined UID on server

showmount -e : Shows the available shares on your local machine

exportfs -v : Displays a list of shares files and options on a server

exportfs -r : Refresh the server’s list after modifying /etc/exports

In client machine, for seeing the shared folders of a server

showmount -e

For mounting in clien machine

mount -t nfs /mnt/nfsshare

We can also add the entry in fstab in client machine. /mnt nfs defauls 0 0

Since NFS is a RPC (Remote procedure call) based service, we need to start rbcbind service to work NFS fuctionally. Also NFS use 2049 port no, so rcpbind will listen to that port.

We can check by issuing below command

rpcinfo -p | grep nfs


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